Shivaye Rudra Om And Priyanka Bring Ganpati Ji: Ishqbaaz 21st September 2016 Episode & Gossips

They go to ask every member. Pinky comes there. Om asks that they want to know these house’s woman doesn’t get respect. Pinky says I get too much respect. Tez comes out and says why are you shouting. Shivay says I want to talk to Badimaa. Dadi asks what happened and she went without telling me. Everyone gets shocked.

ishqbaazSahil says he is angry at teachers as tomorrow is Pooja of Ganesh Ji and he asked her to make him Ganesh Ji. But teacher says I will make rat. Saumya comes to Anika’s house. Anika asks how you came here. Saumya says she came here for a project. Sahil.says him to Saumya.

Saumya says he is too cute. Sahil says he wants to ask. He says he wants to ask something from Saumya. Anika thinks if he asks how to become fat then Saumya will become upset. Anika shouts and says no don’t ask. Anika asks Sahil to go and study.  He says ok.  Anika asks her to come with her and she will make tea.

Om calls Janvi and got to know that she went to her home as she was missing her mom. Om says there is something wrong. He asks what happened Mr. Oberoi. Dadi asks what happened. Tez says Janvi is thinking I am not giving her same position then she became angry.

Tez says from the time Malika came in their life then Oberoi ladies have become weird. Tez says he said that ladies has to do work inside. Shivay says yes girls over react. Tez says she is taking old words and incidents. Tez says when children are born then he asked Janvi to remain at home.

Om says then why every sacrifice is subjected to ladies only and why not men stay at home. Om says a husband cannot overrule his wife. Shivay says he is sure that this does not happen with Janvi. Dadi says no Janvi bored this. Everyone gets shocked. Dadi tells that they started airline business then Om came in their life.  Janvi thought after some years she will join business again and Tez ignored Janvi.

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