Shooters Vanish after Killing Eight Relatives in Ohio

Eight members of a family which include a mother, and her four-year-old kid was shot dead on Friday in Pike County, Ohio on April 22, 2016.

The news of the shootout has shocked the village, and Police officials have already launched the manhunt to nab the culprit. Three children including a newborn baby survived the massacre. All the victims who got killed from four different houses are from the Rhoden family.

Charles Reader, Pike County Sheriff, told that if the shooter or shooters are at large, they should be considered extremely deadly and dangerous. He believes that the killer may be well armed and may trigger another attack if he wishes so.

Piketon, located in the Appalachian Mountain Region, has more than 28,000 residents, and it is almost 80 miles east of Cincinnati. The area is considered to be an economically distressed one, and people here are known for leading a not so satisfying life. It is the site of a Cold War-era uranium plant which got closed in 2001 and is being cleaned up even now.

Attorney General Mike Dewin tells that there is more than one shooter who took part in the killing spree. He thinks that there may be even three fully armed culprits who did this deadly act.

According to the authorities, most victims were in bed during the time of the attack, and they were not even capable of resisting the dreaded act. Investigators are trying to find out the motive behind the killing. They have asked the remaining members of Rhoden family to stay safe and have requested the residents in the county to lock the doors safely on Friday night.

As of now, more than 30 people have been interviewed as a part of the investigation. Authorities have asked people in Piketon to be careful, but there is no need of panicking.

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