Shravani Gets Scare! Watch Krishnadasi Today’s Episode 12th October 2016 Gossips & Updates

In the last episode of Krishnadasi, we had seen that Gayatri goes to the temple and gets shocked to see Aaru in the video.  Banwari and Markhand see her and gets shocked, thinking her as a ghost. On the other side, Ardhya is eating food and Sharvani is talking to her. She tries to take her real identity out and starts talking about the incidence happens with Aradhya’s family.

Aradhya gets emotional at this and starts asking Sharvani about her family. Sharvani gets a doubt and she keeps on telling her. Aryan hears them both from distance. Sharvani says to Aradhya that people in the village sometimes say that her family is alive but she knows that they are not alive. Aryan gets shocked by this and says that I have to talk to David about this.

krishnadasi-serialAradhya leaves the table and Sharvani says that I have to find the truth now anyhow. Gayatri says that this is impossible and goes to David. She asks David about it and David tells her that Ardhya is alive and Aryan is with us. Gayatri gets happy at this and hugs David. Sharvani goes to Kumudini and makes her eat the tablets. Aaba looks at all this and gets shocked.

Aryan is talking to David and Aradhya hears him and says that it means my family is alive. She says that I have to save my family from Aryan. Aaba goes to Kumudini and makes her free. Kumudini says Aaba that we have to stop Sharvani anyhow. They both then leave to stop Sharvani. Aradhya is behind Aryan and Sharvani is behind Aradhya. Then Sharvani gets stop by the crowd.

Aradhya gets aimed and about to kill Aryan when she gets shocked to see her whole family there. Aaba and Kumudini also come there and looks on at them. In today’s episode, we are going to see Aryan and Sharvani is in mandap and gets shocked to see the family there. Aryan acts to be unknown about this all and Aradhya smirks at this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Krishnadasi like this.

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