Siddharth’s Mom Taunts Him Ishqbaaz Today’s Episode 17th September 2016 Story Till Now

Tez says Rana’s has given us notice that we have kept Malika which is their daughter in law. Tez asks Shivay to go and ask her to solve her problems herself. If she will remain here then it will not be good. Shivay becomes sad. Malika talks to Anika.

She tells whenever she had any problem then she came to Shivay and he always had a solution for that but Siddharth is that problem which will definitely come to Shivay. Malika says i will go and i don’t want to face Siddharth. Anika says you have to face him. Shivay comes. Malika says i know you came here to give me a lecture but i don’t want to face anything now.

ishqbaazShivay says when she came then he said he will be with her and today he will also say that she is important to him. Malika asks if he wants her to run. Shivay says do whatever you want to and i will handle everything. She hugs Malika. Shivay thinks of Tez. Dadi comes and asks what happened Billu.

She says you are worried because of Malika. Shivay says Rana’s are enemies and they are bad then in this scandal they are dragging us. Dadi says you are thinking whether to be with friendship or enmity. Rudra goes to Malika. He asks you are running again. She says yes. He says i will not let you. He takes her sandals and runs. Malika follows him. Shivay sees them.

Anika comes to Shivay. He asks what happened. Anika says she doesn’t know she should tell him or not but this is matter of Malika. She tells she has a plan. Shivay says this will not work. Anika says you are a big businessman and thinks this is good. Shivay says ok. Anika asks will you do this.

Shivay says he was also about to do same. Shivay calls Siddharth. He says you hid my fiance in your home and says you insulted our family. Shivay says this is the matter of Malika. Anika thinks what is he saying. Anika takes the phone of Shivay and says Malika is not wrong and remember all good moments and take your bride from here.

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