Siya Ke Ram 10th August 2016 Episode Written Updates SKR Video: Hanuman Flies To Bring Sanjeevani

Siya Ke Ram

Ram panicks and order Lakshman to open his eyes and asks that he never disobeyed his brother’s order. Ram cries and says what he will answer All mothers and Sita that he failed to take care of his younger brother. Ram cries. He says we have to free Sita and set up Dharam and Ram cannot do anything without Lakshman. He is alone now. He asks Hanuman why he is not saying anything. Hanuman also cries and tells he found Lakshman in north direction and he saw Meghnath going towards Lanka.

Siya Ke Ram

He says it seems that Meghnath has used some powers. Meghnath goes to Ravan and says he killed Lakshman and soon he will kill Ram also. Ravan says its good and we should let Ram to remain upset. Ram cures Lakshman and Vaidji comes. Vaidji sees Lakshman. Vaid tells circulation of blood has stopped and he will try his best. He asks Sugriv to bring all herbs. Mandodri and her father in law comes. Ravan says god is free from all emotions and sadness but Ram is in human form and he will experience sadness.

He says Sita should also know about Lakshman and she should also cry like Mandodri cries. Ravan asks his father to see Ram’s end and then he has to worship Ravan and take His name only. Ravan becomes egoistic and says he will also take revenge from Brahma as he made plans against him. He ssys he will prison all lords. His father says its not laughter of victory but of destruction. Hanuman asks if Lakshman will get well or not. Ravan goes to Sita and shows him cloth of Lakshman which is ridden with Blood. She panicks

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