Siya Ke Ram 12th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap SKR: Laxman Fight With Meghnadh

Siya Ke Ram

Ram cries and says if he knew that he will have to loose Lakshman then he would never have allowed Lakshman to come with us. Ram says what will he answer all mothers and Urmila who is waiting for him from fourteen years. Hanuman goes and flies. He tries to search direction. Sugriv says everything will be fine. Hanuman doesnot finds Sanjeevni booti and then he decides to take whole hill. Hanuman lifts hil and goes. He reaches there and everyone becomes shocked to see him lifting whole Himalaya. Vaidhji asks why you brought all.

Siya Ke Ram

Hanuman innocently says he was not able to recognise and there is time shortage thats why he took it up. Vaidhji takes out Sanjeevni booti and gives it to Lakshman. Ram sees Lakshman. Hanuman cries. Lakshman suddenly coughs and Ram smiles to see him. Sugriv says Jai shri ram. Ram asks Lakshman to open his eyes. Lakshman open his eyes and calls Ram. Everybody becomed joyful. Lakshman hugs Ram. Ram asks why Lakshman went alone to fight with Meghnath. Lakshman croes and says sorry to him and asks him to forgive him as he will not go anywhere without his permission.

Ram says he got injured and Lakshman is so powerful and still Meghnath won and this is because Lakshman was mad in his anger. Lakshman says yes i got this point and he will not do this. Ram says it ok and hugs him. Ram becomes angry and says now my younger brother will kill Meghnath in battle. Lakshman says for sure. Sulochana gets nightmare that her husband is running and trying to save his life. Maghnath asks what happened. She says she had a bad dream about him. Meghnath asks her not to worry as he is so powerful and blessed and no one can harm him.

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