Siya Ke Ram 12th October 2016 Online Written Episode Updates: Ram Meets Luv Kush

Siya Ke Ram

Shatrughan and Bharat comes to forest. Luv and Kush attacks them. Shatrughan says come in front. They comes. Bharat says why you were attacking from back. Luv and Kush says you always hide behind Ram’s order and we didnot forecasting our bravery. He asks where were your bravery when Ram was leaving Sita and why you didnot tell anything to Sita. He asks them to go back Ayodhya. Kush asks them to send Ram as we want to fight with him. Shatrughan and Bharat gets sad. Kush says leave Lakshman. Luv says no we cannot do this. Kush says he knows his deeds and free him.

Siya Ke RamLuv says we made Bharat and Shatrughan free also. They asks him to call Ram and we want to talk to him. Ram asks how you can be defeated by two children. Lakshman says they are figthing for Dharam and Sita. Ram says you want to say that we should stop Ashwamedh yagya. Ram says i know who can win from them. Hanuman comes. Ram says you have to fight with them both. Ram says you have to free horse also. He says captivate them and bring them in front of me. Hanuman gets sad and sys how can i fight with them. He flies and reaches there. He thinks i never thought that i have to Face this dharamsankat. He says i have Luv Kush on one side and Ram on another side.

He thinks i have to tell Ram the truth of Luv and Kush. He then realises that i cannot tell them as this is not right time. He thinks i have to talk yo Sita. Luv and Kush takes blessings of Sita. She says may dharam will win. Maruti says i got to know that Hanuman is coming to fight with them. He says Hanuman considers Sita and Ram both at same level. Maruti says how can Hanuman do this. Sita says Hanuman should remain with Ram. He says ok i will follow Ram. Sita thinks why Maruti is saying this. She says i have to talk to Valmiki. Kaushalya says those children wants to talk to you and why you are fighting with them. Ram says i dont consider them enemy

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