Siya Ke Ram 15th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Live SKR: Laxman Kill Meghnadh

Siya Ke Ram

Meghnath becomes angry and thinks of Ravan’s words that he is not a good son and he asked him to do tapasaya. Sulochana says its not suit you to become frustrated. Meghnath says he will do tapasya now and he will be the most powerful man of world. Sulochana says this yagya is so dangerous as if he will fail then he will die. Meghnath says he has to do all this and raise his value in Ravan’s eyes. Sulochana says there is another way also. Meghnath goes. Sugriv asks Ram to allow him to kill everyone. Ram says no we cannot go inside Lanka and this is against his yudhneeti.

Siya Ke Ram

They have to wait here until sun sets. Sulochana talks to Sulochana and says Meghnath has gone for that. Sulochana tells about her nightmare also and asks Mandodri to do something. She folds his hands in front of her to stop Meghnath. Mandodri says she lost all her hopes from Meghnath and only Sulochana can save his life. Sita says love is so powerful and can win any battle. Lanka has prosperity but doesnot have love. She says where is love there is Dharam and where is no love there is no life and Lanka has become place of Adharam. Here no one trusts each other.

Sita also predicts this will lead Lanka to destruction. Sulochana says stop Meghnath. She cries and says she never interfered in his any work but he has to listen her prayer and not to go to anywhere. Meghnath asks if she trusts him or not. Sulochana says she trusts him. Vibhishan says Meghnath has gone to impress devi and if he will succeed then no one defeat him. He can kill everybody then and no one can harm him. Vibhishan says we have to stop Meghnath because if he will succeed then we will lose this battle. Lakshman asks to go. Lakshman and vanar reaches to Meghnath. Lakshman says we have to break his meditation. They tries but doesnot gets successful

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