Siya Ke Ram 15th September 2016 Written Episode: Guru Vashisht Talks To Ram

Siya Ke Ram

A lady comes and says she wants his help. She says her husband made her out of the house. Man comes. Ram asks why you made her out of the house. The man says she is characterless and that’s why he did this. Ram says nothing is proved now. The man says she remained out of the house for one night. Ram asks if this is true. She says no she told her husband and then went to see her ill mother.

She was not reached to her mother and came back. Ram says you have to accept your wife. He says he is normal cleaner, not Ram as he took Sita with him and made her sit on the throne after staying in Lanka. Ram gets shocked. The man says I cannot accept your order and I have left this woman forever. Soldiers surround that man. Ram asks them to go. Ram worries. He remembers his words and gets tensed. Those words strike on his mind. Sita sleeps in her room.

Siya Ke Ram

Ram goes to her and sees her sleeping. He smiles and takes her sheet up but then remembers those words again. Ram gets disturbed and goes. Sita wakes up and thinks why Ram has not come back from Raj sabha. She goes out to see him. She sees no one is in Raj sabha. She asks soldiers if Ram came to Raj sabha. He tells yes and he went. All three brothers come. Lakshman asks why are you worried. Sita asks if you saw Ram as he came to sabha but then he went. Lakshman says may be he went to meet someone. He says i will find Ram.

Ram thinks how Sita came as sanyasi and she is pure soul. He thinks how she gave agni pariksha. Sita goes to him. She asks what happened. Ram shouts that they said you are not pure and how can they say this. Ram says his Sita is a pure soul.

Then Sita disappears. Ram says Sita is pure and he will prove this. He becomes restless. Everyone worries. Kaushalya asks if Ram told you anything. Lakshamn tells he searched whole Rajbhawan but he is not here. Then Ram comes. He walks straight. Everyone asks where were you. Kaikeyi says why are you worried. Ram asks Lakshman to call Guru Vashisth to Raj bhawan fast

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