Siya Ke Ram 16th September 2016 Episode: Shri Ram Sacrifice His Relation With Sita


Ram says after becoming king he cannot understands how to co ordinate between personal life and king life. Saint says King always take decisions in favor of territory. Every decision is Rajdharam. Ram says but a king is also a son, father and husband. Then if he has to take decision in those roles.

siya-ke-ramSaint says if as son then he should take some decision that will set an example for every son. He says if King is thinking as husband then he should take a decision that will set example for all men. Ram says but if this will not suit their family and relations then. Saint asks what happened Ram.

Ram says i was your student from childhood and i does not want to hide anything from you. Guru Vashisth said please tell me son. Ram says i went to Vanvas and faced many problems. I struggled with my emotions. I saw my father lying and still i had to go to vanvas to keep his promise given to Kaikeyi.

He says i was so emotional at that time still i went to Forest. I saw many things there and settled Dharam. Guru says you saw helplessness in your Dad’s eyes and now realizing that pain i can feel it. He says a king’s priority is his praja and if praja is happy then he will be happy.

You were emotional because you were in Father’s love but still you obeyed promised and left him. So i believe you will keep all your personal desires and happiness aside and think for Ayodhya. As whatever you will do that will be an example for whole Ayodhya. Ram says surely. He leave.

Lakshman comes and asks what happened he says nothing and leave. Sita sits with other sister and talks. Urmila asks about love and how she managed all fourteen years in forest. She says i only believed Ram and he encouraged me at every step in my life. His love made her live in that forest. She becomes sad. Urmila asks what happened why are you sad and if Ram told you why he came late. Sita says no. He us a king now and this is not necessary that he will tell me everything.

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