Siya Ke Ram 17th August 2016 Full Episode Written Updates Recap: Ahiravan Kidnap Ram & Laxman

Siya Ke Ram

Sulochana becomes like stone and Ravan does Meghnath’s antim sanskar. She gets ready in red dress and wears all jewellery. Sulochana comes there and says stop. Mandodri asks what is this her husband is dead and she has came in red dress. Sulochana says for a wife after death of Husband everything becomes useless and now she does not have any motive in this world so she has decided to burn herself with Meghnath. They all gets shocked. Mandodri says what is she saying and this all happened because it was destiny. We women has to bear all the pain but Sulochana cannot end her life as this is not the solution. Sulochana says this is the only way and to she has to do it.

Siya Ke Ram

Mandodri says no. But Sulochana walks. Sita comes there and stops her. Sita says to give up her life with her husband is not real love. True love is that when she will eradicate all the bad deeds done by her husband and she should accomplish incomplete work of Meghnath. Sita folds her hand and asks not to do like this. Sulochana cries and says why this happened. Kaikesi goes to her and holds her. Ravan burns. Ram says today we have defeated all the powerful warriors of Lanka and now this battle is about to end. Now Ravan doesnot have any fighter to send to this battle. Only Ravan is left to come in battle.

Hanuman says he will also die . Hanuman says after Ravan’s death who will take care of Lanka and people of Lanka. Ram says we have to find such a person who can set up Dharam in place of Adharam. Sugriv says Where we will find a person like this in Lanka. Ram says we have that person in between us. He sees Vibhishan. Vibhishan becomes shocked.

Ram says yes he will be the king of Lanka. He asks Lakshman to bring kumkum and flowers. He says he annouces Vibhishan as king of Lanka and he will called as Lankdheesh. Vibhishan says A look of Ram can end all the problems and he has also ended up all bad deeds. Vibhishan goes to Mandodri and says he has done very bad to go to Ram and he has cheated this territory. He asks where is Ravan as he wanted to say sorry to him. Ravan gets angry to see him. He says he is a cheat and why he came here. Ravan goes to him and takes out sword to kill him. Vibhishan sits on his legs and says he has done a bad job. Ravan says he has to die. Then Vibhishan changes his avatar and Ravan gets to know that he is not Vibhishan but one of his followers.

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