Siya Ke Ram 17th September 2016: Laxman Tells Sita That Ram Has Sacrificed You To Obey Rajdharam

Ram calls Bharat and other brother. They all comes and ask Ram to order and they will do it. Ram becomes sad and says i have taken a decision and i am saying sorry in advance. Lakshman says what happened Brother please tell me and why are you saying that. Ram says i cant be king now.

Bharat and everyone becomes shocked. Bharat says why are you saying this Ayodhay waited for you since fourteen years. Lakshman also gets emotional and saya this cannot happen. Ram says my brothers are so brave and capable to take all decision and handle territory. Bharat says no you are elder.

siya-ke-ramLakshman says why are you doing this. Ram says he has to choose between Sita and this throne so he decided to give up the throne and not Sita. Lakshman says why you will leave Sita and tell me what happened. Ram tells As Sita stayed in Lanka for days so people are getting her wrong.

Lakshman becomes angry and asks who said this. Ram says that Badra. I am the king and People will follow me and if i will argue then it will not be good. Lakshman says who is Badra to say you anything. Ram says he is under my praja and he can say anything. Shatrughan says i will make them understand everything.

Ram says how many people would you tell all this. Ram says that’s why i have decided that i will leave Ayodhya with Sita. Bharat cries and says no please don’t do this and we will talk to Badra. Ram says i have decided and this is final i will leave. Sita prays to god and says that please help Raghunandan to take all decision and clear all his dilemma.

She cries and thinks now he is king and has many responsibilities on his shoulders. Ram goes to room where portraits of his ancestors were hanged. He becomes sad and says i promised that i will rule and obey your paths but i m unfortunate and cannot handle this as i have to support that person who encouraged me every time. So i will take Sita and go.

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