Siya Ke Ram 18th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Sita Denies To Go With Ram

Siya Ke Ram

In the last episode of Sia Kai Ram, we had seen that Ram saw a bad dream and wakes up. He rushes outside the room calling Sita. His brother tries to manage him and ask about the matter. Then Guru Vashisht comes to Ram and Ram tells him that he had seen a bad dream today that Sita is going far away from me. Guru Vashist gets tensed at this and says that this will be a sign of any mishappening. He then says to Ram that he must think about his decision for one more time.

Guru Vashist tells Ram that he have to think about it for once as it might be bad to get Sita in the palace again. Ram ask for any solution. At this Guru Vashisht, says that there is no solution as the things written in the destiny is never get change. Ram says that I always am obedient to your orders but this time, I had decided to get my Sita here again. All the brothers get tensed at this and Ram looks on.

Siya Ke Ram

In the Vatika Sita introduce her sisters to Luv and Kush. Mandvi then says to Sita that Luv is calm and Kush is naughty like you. Sita thinks on and then says takes a promise from her sister that they will take care of Luv and Kush after her. She leaves and her sister thinks on about her words. In the palace Kaikeyi, Sumitra and Kaushalay say to Ram that he must think about Guru Vashisht for once. Ram says that he is incomplete with Sita and says that he should get Sita back in the palace.

Ram then talks to Hanuman and says that he needs help from him. Hanuman says that he will not let Sita in any danger and I will save her at any cost. Ram says that I will get my Sita back here. Sita is with her sisters and they all takes her to the swing. They make her sit on the swing and Sita says that she had recalled the days she spends with them. On the other side, Ram gets ready to take Sita in the palace and the Praja ask him that they will also go with him. Ram says that you all must stay here and do the preparations for her welcome.

In today’s episode, we are going to see that Urmila says to Sita that your Ram is going to come here. Then Ram comes to Vatika and ask Sita to go with him. He says that he can’t live without her. Sita cries and shuts the door. Ram cries and looks at him. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Siya Kai Ram like this.

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