Siya Ke Ram 19th August 2016 Written Episode Updates (SKR) Recap: Raavan Shoots At Ram

Siya Ke Ram

Hanuman asks Ram and Lakshman to get up. Sita does tapasaya. Hanuman cries. She calls out mantras. Ram and Lakshman gets up. Lakshman thinks where are they. Ram says it seems that this is patal lok. Hanuman says yes Ahiravan get you both here and wanted to kill you. Hanuman says he came here searching them. He becomes big and asks them to sit on his shoulder. He takes them and flies. Vibhishan thinks where could they be. Suddenly Hanuman appears. Everyone becomes shocked to see them. Ram says he is too lucky to have Hanuman as he also found Sita and brought Sanjeevni booti and today he protected Ram and Lakshman from Ahiravan. Ram says Hanuman has done huge favours on him and he should be with him everything. Whole Raghukul will be obliged to him always.

Siya Ke Ram

Hanuman says don’t say that as its his responsibility. He also adds that only motive in his life is to help Ram and he loved him so much. He says there will no value of his devoteeness and he starts crying. Hanuman touches feet of Ram and folds his hands and requests hum to keep him always in his space. Ram takes him up and hugs him. Trijata comes and tells good news. Hanuman has brought Ram and Lakshman safely back. Sita thanks Yogmata as she saved Ram and Lakshman. She says now time has come to end Adharam and Ravan will die. Ravam does tapasaya and gets all weapons. He becomes ready and laughs. Kaikesi also does tapasaya with father of Ravan. Some spark comes from fire and a figure comes out. Ravan tells his soldires that this is battle for Asur culture.

This battle is not his and all Lanka people and they have to save future of their child also. They have to win this battle at any cost. If they will lose then it Lanka will be destroyed. Vibhishan tells Lanka has unique weapons like no other. Lakshman says let him come to battle then he will show him. Ravan says time has come to move forward. Ram says we should never think our enemy small and anything can happen. He says don’t forget as he is too intelligent and wise so we should respect him. Sugriv says how will we kill him. Ram says we will punish him. Ram directs Nal Neer to protect Vibhishan. Vibhishan says what is the need for his protection. Ram says he is Adhipati of Lanka now so till battle ends then this is their responsibility to save him.

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