Siya Ke Ram 1st August 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus Recap: Ravan Goes To Kill Sita

Siya Ke Ram

Trijata tells Sita that everyone tried to tell Kumbhkran the right way but he is not ready to listen. Sita says he is supporting his brother. Lakshman and Kumbhkran fights. He throws arrows but he survives. Kumbhkaran chants some mantraa nd throws fireball on him. Lakshman breaks it. Kumbhkran says Lakshman is also not ordinary human as he countered all his divya astras and now he have let him to fight with him. He takes out Shiv’s trishool and Vibhishan says no one can stop this weapon. Ram gets tensed and shouts Lakshman but Hanuman comes and stops it.

Siya Ke Ram

Everyone looks at Hanuman and Hanuman throws that towards hill. Kumbhkran becomes angry. Vibhishan says biggest trouble is left now that is anger of Kumbhkaran. Everyone has fear of his anger. Sita says today to protect Dharam a Dharamatma has to die. Ram leads the army and Kumbhkaran sees Lord Vishnu in Ram. He gets shocked. He remembers that era when he gave promise that he will kill them. Kumbhkaran thinks he is Lord Vishnu and Sita is Mahalakshmi. He tries to fold his hands but thinks he will forgive him and then he will not get Mukti.

He has to die by Hands of Lord Vishnu. Kumbhkaran asks Ram to take his weapon and fight with him. Ram says Kumbhkaran is nice person and has not done any wrong deeds. Kumbhkran thinks he has to kill me. Ram says he has no enemity with him and cannot punish him. He folds his hands and says please go back. Kumbhkaran says he came here to fight and he is warrior so he cannot take his step back. Ram says he does not attack any good person.

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