Siya Ke Ram 1st September 2016 Written Episode Updates SKR Online: Kaikesi Comes To Ram

Siya Ke Ram

Ram says because of you all Dharam won and Adharam lost. And now he announces victory of Vanar sena over Lanka. Everyone enjoys but Ram sees Vibhishan alone and sad. He goes to him and says friend he understand his reason of pain but he has to meet Kaikesi and she needs him most. Vibhishan says no she will become angry to see him. Ram says for sure she will be angry but mother remains mother and no one can take mother’s place. He asks him to go and convince her. He says he cannot enter Lanka but he wants to meet Kaikesi and asks if he can bring her here. Vibhishan hugs him. Sita becomes worried. All says Maharani Sita. Everyone puts flower on her. Sulochana comes in white saree and smiles seeing her. She says your husband has defeated Ravan and now you are Maharani Sita and these are ornaments for her. Sita says she respects her opinion but she has taken promise that she will remain as vanvasi till she will reach Ayodhaya.

Siya Ke Ram

Trijata says they all wants her to see as Maharani. Sugriv also comes and asks Ram to see these clothes and they all are eager to see him as Maharaj. Ram also says for fourteen years he has promised that he will live as sanyasi so he cannot accept all ornaments and clothes. Lakshman says we agree with you but he also wants this and he cannot see him like this. Kaikesi goes to kill Sita. Vibhishan comes and stops her. Kaikesi says why you came as you are also traitor so she will kill him too. Vibhishan stops her. Kaikesi cries for Ravan. Kaikesi asks why you went to Ram. He says he has to go to him as he is real man and who would have given him courage to go against Ravan and now he has lost everything. So he cannot leave Kaikesi. He says he is her son and he will not go anywhere.

Sita says you should not do that. Kaikesi says who are you to tell me. She says may be i am enemy to you but your anger will destroy everything. Revenge is not everything and she will get nothing to make these things as aim of her life. She says everything was because of Sita and she made her sons die. Kaikesi remembers Surpankha and faints. Vibhishan holds her. Vanrarsena sits happily and does preparations. Ram also checks them. Lakshman says Urmila its your love that he is able to do all things and Ram and Sita are going to meet then they both will also meet. Ram becomes happy to see. Ram remembers when he saw Sita and how they married.

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