Siya Ke Ram 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video: Asur Kidnap Vibhishan

Siya Ke Ram

Battle starts. Sugriv says today all Asur will be killed. An asur says they will capture them all and take to Lanka then they will regret why they didnot died that day. Jamvant kills many asur. Ravan smiles seeing. He takes up asurs and kill them. A devil uses his extraordinary powers and throws snakes on vanars. Sugriv fights . Lakshman attacks also. Ravan smiles in attitude. Sugriv gets injured and Hanuman takes him up and lifts that Devil up and kills him. Ravan becomes shocked. Lakshman takes out arrow and devil sees sheshnag in Lakshman. Lakshman succeed to kill that one also.

Siya Ke Ram

Ram also takes out an arrow. From that side Ravan also attacks. Arrows burns. Sita becomes worries. Ram become angry and shoots. Ravan’s umbrella breaks by arrow then next arrow hurts his hand and his weapon falls down. Ravan tries repeatedly but nothing works. Ram attacks her hand and blood flows out. Then Ram attacks on him and breaks it. Ram thinks why Ravan is not affected by any weapon. Ravan chants some mantras and gets a weapon. Ravan says Ram has to die by Ravan’s hand. He closes his eyes and attacks. Ram also but sun sets. Ram stops himself. Ravan says in a second he can kill Ram but today he will not do that as he wants that Ram should live with terror tonight and tomorrow god can also not save him.

Ram stands with Lakshman, Sugriv, Jamvant. Ravan comes back. Everyone greets him. Mandodri becomes tensed. Ravan asks if Mandodri has any doubt till now. He flaunts that Ram was not able to save himself and if he wanted then he would have been killed him but he wants that he should see his whole power and should not think again to do this. He sees Sulochana and goes to her. He says he is at fault and he should have gone to battle first and Meghnath, Kumbhkran would not have died. Ravan says he will take revenge now. Mandodri says she will make preparations for his cure. Ravan asks Mandodri’ father to tell his daughter that today is a big dah as he showed death to Narayan’s avatar. Ram gets letter of Sita and becomes happy that she reminded him of shakti mantra.

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