Siya Ke Ram 21st September 2016: Hanuman Get Shocked To See Sita In Jungle Today’s Ep


Sita asks what happened with Ram and why he left me. She says I always supported him in bad and good days after this I am rewarded by this. She asks what circumstances arose. She says I will accept punishment after knowing my crime. Lakshman cries. He says because of Lok Maryada. She says  what I have violated.

Lakshman says Praja doubts on your purity. Praja is saying the lady which stayed in Lanka and she cannot become Maharani of Ayodhya. Sits gets shocked. Lakshman says Agni Pariksha you gave Praja does not say its truth. Sita says people will always say that Sita was not pure that’s why Ram left her.

siya-ke-ramPeople will always insult her. Sita says this decision will not  clear the doubt but raise all those objections. Sita says she doesn’t want to live this kind of life and she will die now. Lakshman follows her. Sita runs. She becomes helpless and thinks how can Ram do this.  Lakshman says don’t do this.

Sita says she had only one base in her life which was the love of Ram and now base does not exist. Lakshman says he loves you and he tried everything to stop this but when he didn’t find anything then he said he will go with Sita and live in the forest.

He says he always loved you and always love you. Sita says I am not blaming Ram but this is unbearable. Lakshman says you have to live as you have a big responsibility of a child. Lakshman prays to protect her Bhabhi. He bends down and asks her to forgive him. He says please take care and leaves. Urmila asks for Sita but does not find her.

Urmila asks Bharat where is Sita. Bharat becomes blank. He says from now you all have to work without Sita. We have to live without Sita.  Bharat asks how can he tell. He tells Ram left Sita. Everyone gets shocked. Bharat says Lakshman went to leave her in Nirjal Van. Sita lies on ground and cries.  Dharti Mata appears and says Raghukul gave you pain and her also born all this. She says she will punish Raghukul for insulting A lady. Sita says please calm down.

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