Siya ke Ram 22nd September Episode: Janka Ask Sita To Come Mithila With Him Written Update

Hanuman sees Sita roaming here and there. He thinks Lakshman and Ram destroyed Lanka for Sita and now Sita is roaming like this. He cries. Ram meets Hanuman. Ram says everyone is seeing Ram asking and no one is seeing this as the point of view of Ram. Ram says you are the one Hanuman who can help Sita.

Hanuman says my priority is you and Mata Sita. He promises Ram that he will never allow to tears to come out of eyes of Mata Sita. Ram asks for more promised. He says. Hanuman will not tell Sita about his sorrow. He remembers all this.

siya-ramHe changes his look and turns into a kid. Sita faints and Hanuman as child holds her. He brings water for her. He brings gurudev. A saint does tapasaya and child asks him to get up and help my mata. He opens his house and identifies Hanuman. Hanuman comes in real avatar and tells saint that Ram has left Sita for Rajdharam.

He says Sita is here and she is crying like an orphan. Saint says this was destiny. He asks where is Sita and goes to her. He sees Sita lying down. He becomes sad to see her and thinks this world cannot change and everything is subjected to ladies only. He asks Sita to  get up and open and her eyes.

Sita greets him. Saint says he knows everything happened to her. He says she is not alone and his ashram is open for her. Sita says no forgive me as the lady whose Husband left her then that lady cannot live in Ashram of a saint. He says no you are the one who gave life to all people of Mithila and Ram became king.

He says because of your pureness Agni dev became pure so why cannot you live in my ashram. He says this is our good luck that you came here. He tells that he wrote Ramayan and thinking that Ram and Sita will live happily but destiny wants something else to happen. Everyone welcomes Sita at Ashram. Janak comes to Ayodhya.

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