Siya Ke Ram 23rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Online SKR: Ram About To Hurt His Eye

Siya Ke Ram

Ravan wonders how his all injuries is recovering on their own. He becomes shocked. He thinks he has no blessing like this. He asks Vaidraj that how is it possible. Vaidraj tells that this will be possible if you have amrit but you dont have any amrit. He orders Vaidraj to go out. He goes out. Ravan asks Mayasur that what is it and if he knows something. What secret is that he doesnot knows. Mayasur says i cannot tell you and you should ask your wife Mandodri and why she went to Chandralok. He tells she acquired amrit on her sativatva and placed it in your navel. You have amrit. Ravan laughs weirdly and says wow what he was not able to do that work is accomplished by his wife. Lord Brahma was also not able to bless him to become immortal and his wife has done a great work.

Siya Ke Ram

He says Mandodri always did her duties of wife. Hanuman goes to find lotus but he didnot find any lotus in Lanka. He thinks he cannot find a single lotus in Lanka and only Mata Sita can help him now. He flies and reaches to Sita. Sita becomes shocked to see him. She asks if everything is fine or not there. Hanuman says not to worry as everything is ok but he cannot find a single lotus in entire Lanka as he wants 108 lotus for Ram. She asks why. Hanuman tells Ram has decided to do Shaktipooja and for that he wants 108 lotus. Sita smiles and says fine come with me. She takes him and plucks lotus. Hanuman becomes happy and thanks her.

He goes. Mandodri nods that yes she has placed amrit kalash in his navel. Ram laughs and becomes extremely happy. He thanks her and says you did right and now i am immortal no on can kill me and i will kill Ram now. Mayasur says no you are not completely immortal as if someone will know that amrit kalash is in your navel then you can be killed. He says dont worry as this secret would be in between you and Mandodri. Mandodri remains silent. He ask why are you silent if there is someone else who knows this. Mandodri says yes Vibhishan also knows this and he was the one who placed Amrit kalash. Ravan gets angry and says Vibhishan is a secret teller and he will tell Ram and he will surely shoot my navel first. He thinks he has to kill Vibhishan before he tells this to Ram.

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