Siya Ke Ram 24th August 2016 Written Episode Updates SKR Video: Raavan Attacked On Vanar Sena

Siya Ke Ram

Ravan asks Vibhsishan that he never thought of killing him but he has violated all the limits. He is the reason because of which Meghnath died. Ravan says his life is not valuable for Lanka. Hanuman flies and searches for Vibhishan. Vibhishan says he never thought bad for Lanka and always wished goodness of his brothers and Lanka but no one took his words seriously. He asks Ravan to give Sita back and say sorry to Ram and Ram will forgive him for sure. Ravan becomes angry and says no human can be greater than Lankesh. Not Vishnu but Lankesh will be king of world. Ravan goes to kill him but Hanuman suddenly comes and takes Vibhisban. Vibhishan says Hanuman saved him. He says if Ram knows about this. Sugriv says no we have not told this as Ram will leave his shaktipuja and would have gone to find him.

Siya Ke Ram

Sugriv asks everyone to take care of Vibhishan. Ram does shakti pooja. Sita prays to lord Shiv to help Ram. Shiv asks Parvati why she is tensed. Parvati says she is tensed as Ram is doing shakti pooja and he has to give test. He is Vishnu and how can she take test of lord Vishnu. Shiv says we does not have to differentiate and you have to perform all your responsibilities. Parvti says she has to test him. She takes up a lotus. Ram thinks where is last lotus. If he will get up then this pooja will be left in between. He thinks mom always told him as His eyes are like lotus. He takes up an arrow. He goes to takes out his eyes but Parvati comes.

Ram gets up and he greets him. She says she has accepted that lotus before. She says his shakti pooja is finished and she is happy of his pooja. He says his vanar sena is fighting for Dharam and asks her to bless him that Dharam should win. Devi says He will win for sure. Kaikesi and her husband does hawan. Kaikesi sees dashavtar of Ravan. She thinks no one can defeat his son now and Ram will die. Mandodri comes to Kaikesi. Kaikesi asks why she is worried. She says she is tensed as Lankesh will go alone in battle. Kaikesi says no He will not go alone. Ravan thinks no one is left in this sabha. Ram asks Lakshman to prepare well. Sita also becomes worried. Lakshman asks why he is worried. Ram says he is worried for Sita. Sita says Lanka will end tomorrow. Dharam will settle here.

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