Siya Ke Ram 25th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Hanuman Will Bring Vibhishan

Siya Ke Ram

Vibhishan says to forgive him as he cannot today’s battle and cannot see more destruction. Ram says he can understand his condition and asks him to stay here. They all goes for battle. Ravan comes on rath in sky. Ravan says they all will die. He shoots and vanar dies. Ravan shouts and says Ram save your vanars now. Many vanars killed. Ram becomes angry. Hanuman says Ravan will fight and cheat for sure and he should remain careful. Sugriv shouts and says today he will die. He throws weapon. Ravan shoots. Ram asks Hanuman to make arrangements for injured vanars.

Siya Ke Ram

Ram thinks he knows what Ravan is doing but he cannot save himself. He shouts that this is not fair to fight from sky and he should come down. Ravan says everyone is free to fight in any way. Ravan says if you don’t have any plans then you can say sorry and consider that they have lost this battle. Ram shoots at sky. Ravan also uses some arrow and it becomes multuple. Ram destroys that. Ravan gets angry. Hanuman says rath is in sky and he will also take Ram in sky so as they can fight at same level. Ram says no it may put your life in danger and he has to make sure that we will settle Dharam today. He asks Hanuman to save army. Ram takes out an arrow and it hits rath of Ravan. Ravan laughs. He says the chariot Ram wants to destroy can never be destroyed by any Human and no one can defeat him too. He laughs and goes.

Trijata tells that Ravan went on Divya rath and attacked vanar sena and no one is able to stop him. Sita says don’t worry as everything will be fine. Ram runs after chariot of Ravan. Ravan attacks him but Ram saves himself. Lakshman becomes worried. Parvati says this battle which is taking place in Lanka Ravan is attacking Vanars and it seems that Ram is not able to defeat him. Lord comes and says Parvati is right and only Lord Shiv can help him. Shiv says no Ram does not needs him but he can help him. Lord asks how can he help Ram. Shiv smiles and he goes. Lord Indra comes to Ram and gives him a chariot. He says please take this and Then maya of Lankesh will not work. Ram says thank you to him. Ravan says Indra you helped Ram and he will punish him. Ram says this is difference in which Who is with Dharam and who is with Adharam.

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