Siya Ke Ram 26th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online SKR: Vibhishan Reveals Ravan’s Death Secret

Siya Ke Ram

Everyone praises Ram for killing Ravan but then they listens Ravan laughing. Everyone becomes shocked. They turn around and sees Ravan getting up. He says how big fool is Ram that he thinks Ravan can be killed so easily. He says no one can defeat him and he is Trilok pati Ravan. He also admires himself that all things in world are controlled by him. Air can be stopped him and all Nakshaktras are also in under his control so vanvasi Ram thought that he can kill so much Powerful Ravan. Ram says don’t get so much of Attitude Ravan as who is born in this world has to die one day. Ravan says no human in this world is born to kill him and he laughs.

Siya Ke Ram

Ravan stands and gets ten head and says he is Dashanan and has many powers which Ram cannot imagine also. Ram takes out arrow and it converts into ten arrows. Ravan’s all heads falls and then Everyone says Jai shri ram. Still his all head fix again and he splits into ten Ravans.Ram kills reflections of Ravan. Ram goes ahead and bravely kills them one by one. Last one comes and Rsn kills him too. Ram kicks Ravan off and throws his sword. Ravan laughs and says you threw sword and challenging him for malyudh. He ssys it will be interesting to kill Ram through his hands. Hanuman goes to find Vibhishan but he doesnot finds him. Ram runs towards him. They both fights. Ram again throws Ravan.

Mandodri becomes tensed and her father informs her that Ravan and Ram is doing malyudh and no one knows what will be the conclusion. Ravan holds Ram in his arms but Ram uses his power and strength and gets free. He then captures Ravan in his arms.Ravan doesnot remain able to do anything. Ram becomes angry and he remembers deeds of Ravan. He shouts and Ravan closes his eyes. Ram stands up and everybody goes to him. They asks if he is fine. Ravan again opens his eyes and gets up. He says death cannot defeat him so a common man cannot kill him. He laughs and disappears. Then suddenly appears in sky.

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