Siya Ke Ram 26th July 2016 Written Updates Episode Recap: Raavan Meets Sita In Ram’s Disguise

Siya Ke Ram

Meghnadh was very shocked to see Ravan becoming Ram and asked him how is this possible. Ravan tells this is only way without any war to get Sita, Kaikei too asks him about what happened at the battle ground, but Ravan was too shocked himself after watching the infinite love between Ram and Sita. Their love make him praise his rival in battle-ground Ram. There are many points on which he praises Ram but some of the main points were his patience, tolerance, responsible behaviour towards their whole group and most importantly the dedication towards the importance in his life and towards humanity.

Siya Ke Ram

Sugreev was saying to Ram that he has stopped the war before it even starts, all the people in the group of Ram was very shocked to listen that Ravan has lost even after using his most historic and mighty power which is (Mayavi) power and can easily fool anyone, but even he lost in front of true love of Ram and Sita. Now, they all are sure that no-one can stop them and it is waste to make him understand all the things , but it is waste to tell him about his mistake.

Ram and Laxman while talking to each other and they both haven’t slept till many days. Laxman was waiting for the orders from Ram to finally end the Raavan but Ram was waiting for the right time and place where the destiny has bound to happen and he will finally gets his mistake. Ram tells laxman everything and makes him understand the situation.

Raavan was very angry because he is unable to take the Ram’s avatar and now any ritual or method is waste for him to be one, raavan gets very angry over this and kicked everyone.

Sita was very sad and praying while sitting under the tree and when she listens to Ram’s voice, she gets very happy and hugs him. Raavan was given so many chances to ask for forgivenss and his mistakes might be forgiven, now Raavan sounds like he has some very amazing plan, Sita on this gets curious about what might be his planning.

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