Siya Ke Ram 27th July 2016 Written Updates Episode Recap SKR: Kumbhkaran Comes In The War

Siya Ke Ram

The episode starts with Ravan is going to Sita in Raam’s get up. He says to her that i am here to take you from here. I am your Ram. I had come here by crossing many hurdles. Now please come with me i had come here to take you. Sita gets away. Sita says that i know Ravan has to pay for what he had done. Ravan is called his own death and destruction of all his asur kul. He can’t even think that what Ram can do. He is reacting as he is a big gyani and shiv bhagat but actually he is a fool. She thinks that i have to annoy him more to get him in real state. Sita says that who are you. I will not get affected at any cost as i know that you are someone else.

Siya Ke Ram

Ravan says that i am your Raam look at in my eyes. Sita says that you are not Raam don’t try to be like him, tell me who you are. Ravan gets angry and came in his real look. He says to Sita that now the limits gets crossed. Now your Raam and his vanar sena has to pay for this.

Meghnadh and Kaikesi ask Ravan that what had happen to his plan. He has gone to take Sita. Where is Sita now. Ravan says that i had done such wrong to snatch Sita from his husband. He says that i have to go to Raam and ask him to forgive me, after returning Sita. Kaikesi told Ravan that you can’t be a coward. Ravan goes. His inner soul talks to himself that if you go to Raam’s feet than there will be laugh on you. There your pride and prestige will be exempt totally. Ravan thinks and says that i can’t do this. I will surely kill Raam.

Meghnadh says that i will go in the war field tomorrow and will surely killed Raam. Mayasur says that you can’t go as you are the prince of this dynasty. Mayasur says that we have to send the one who will destroy everyone in one time. He should be big and powerful. Ravan says that my brother Khumbhkaran is big enough, go and wake up Khumbhkaran.Ravan army goes to get Khumbkaran awake.

Khumbhkaran says to Ravan that if i get failed in war and get killed then return Sita to Vanvasi Raam and apologize to him. Ravan gets shocked. Kumbhakaran go in the war and starts laughing.

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