Siya Ke Ram 28th July 2016 Written Updates Today Recap Episode: Kumbhakaran Warns Vibhishan

Siya Ke Ram

The episode starts with Ravan asking to his soldiers to wake up Khumbhkaran soon. Meghnath says that its looking impossible to wake him up. Soldiers plays dhols, nagadas and amny other instrument. Meghnath said them to apply all their power. The soldiers tries their best but Kumbhkaran didn’t get awake.

Siya Ke Ram

Sita ask Trijata, by hearing dhols voice that is there celebrations is going in Lanka. Trijata says that no Ravan is trying to awake is brother to go in war next. Trijata says that Khumbhkaram nay refuse as he has dharm and love in his heart. Sita says that he is really a nice person he greets me as a devi.

Ravan says to soldier that he will not wake up by this. Get delicious food for him. The soldiers get many delicious food and Khumbhkaran gets wake up. He says that who dares to wake me up. Meghnath says that we need your help. Lanka is in danger we are in danger. Vanar sena had attacked on Lanka. Khumbhakaran says that Ravan is doing adharam, and asur kul will going to be end now. He tells Ravan that Sita is a devi, i had meet her in vatika. Ravan says to him that if you are not going to help us then go and get sleep again. Kumbhakaran says that i am not back stepping from my responsibilty. It is my dhram to help you whether it is for dhram and adharm.

Kaikesi says to Khumbhkaran that i know that you are doing it against your heart. Khumbhkaran says that i have to do this for my family but asur kul will be going to destruct and Ravan will be the only reason for that. He says to Ravan that if i was lose and get killed tomorrow then return Mata Sita to Raam and apologize for all your sins, it will save you and your family.

Vibhishan come to Raam and says that there is going to be a big danger coming to us. Raam ask what. Vibhishan says that Ravan had waked his brother for the war. Khumbhkaran is huge enough that he can end the war alone. Raam says that he is kind and follow dhram, he is just following his brothers orders and he is correct in that.

Vibhishan meet Khumbhkaran in the war field and ask did he had chosen path of adharm. Khumbhkaran says him to get aside else he will destroy him to forgetting that he is his brother. Khumbhkaran laughs and challange them for fight.

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