Siya Ke Ram 29th August 2016 Written Episode Updates SKR: Sita Take Kaali Avatar To Kill Sahastra Ravan

Siya Ke Ram

Hanuman reaches to Vibhishan. Ravan laughs and says he is omnipresent. He appears and then disappears. Hanuman asks if there is no way. Vibhishan thinks of amrit kalash and becomes worried. He says Amrit is placed in Lankesh’s navel and thats why he cannot be killed. He can be killed only when we will destroy amrit kalsh. Ravan becomes angry and shouts. Ram runs and jumps in air. He shoots his navel. Ravan’s blood comes out and he falls on ground. He crawls in pain. He says Ravan is immortal and no one can kill him. Everyone says jai shri ram. Ravan says Ram you cannot kill me. He dies. Vibhishan sits on ground. Vibhishan cries. Ram comes to him. Ram asks Lakshman to go to Lankesh and get some knowledge from him.

Siya Ke Ram

Lakshman says no he will not go to enemy. Ram says Ravan is best pandit and knows many things. Lakshman goes to Ravan and greets him. He asks that he wants brief of his life. Ravan says sumitra kumar. He says in battle field he is lying on death. He doesnot have power but tears of regret. He says every human borns for a reason and his motive is clear now that world should know how bad attitude and ego lead him to this tragic end. In life person should collect knowledge, power , sacrifice, love. All of above they should not become so proud of those things. He says when we gather so much of attitude then we does not have anything or anyone left with us.

Ravan says its not like that he did not know all this before but this was problem that he knew everything but he was in ego of all this. He prays this ego destroyed all his kul and he has guilt and regret of this but he will never become free. Mahadev says its truth that his life will accomplish only when he will know the truth. He gives Ravan the light of knowledge. He remembers Vishnu blessed him. Ravan saying that he will choose to become enemy of his avatars and he will come back to him soon. Ravan tries to get up and sees Vishnu in Ram. He thinks he knew that he was fighting with Vishnu and still in his attitude he was fighting with him. He folds his hands before Ram and thinks he is so kind and showed mercy to him. They all folds their hands in front of Ravan.

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