Siya Ke Ram 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Hanuman Goes To Meet Raavan

Siya Ke Ram

Ravan becomes shocked to hear the news that Ram killed his brother Kumbhkran. He thinks its not possible and this cant happen. He starts panicking and says Kumbhkran cannot die and this is the plan of Ram and Vanarsena to fool them and to bring down their confidence level. He says he will kill those messenger also. He goes but Meghnath stops him and says its truth that Kumbhkaran is dead. Ravan says he was blessed by so much lords and he cannot be killed by anyone other than Lord Vishnu.

Siya Ke Ram

Kaikesi comes and Ravan asks her how is it possible. He says i am going to punish those Ram and Lakshman. Mandodri comes and cries. She says Ravan to calm down and accept the truth that Kumbhkran is no more. Ravan says this cannot happen and fumes in anger. He leaves. Mandodri asks Kaikesi if she wants to see mlre death and destruction of this kingdom. She ask her to stop all this. Mayasur talks to Ravan and tells him that Ravan is king and he has to think something not to becomes heartbroken and upset.

Ravan holds sword and goes to Sita. He puts sword on her and says because of her his loving brother Kumbhkran is no more. Her husband killed all soldiers and brothers. He says now Sita has to pay for all this he will not leave anyone and firstly he will kill Sita then other. Mayasur stops him and says its not right to kill a lady like this. This battle is not good and proving to be bad for Lanka so we should send Sita back or else we have to fight. Ravan becomes angry and goes. Kaikesi cries and thinks what Kumbhkaran had said

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