Siya Ke Ram 2nd September 2016 Episode Written Updates SKR Online: Sita Gets Shocked

Siya Ke Ram

Episode starts and Sita and Ram meets. Ram smiles. Sita says finally you came and saved me. Ram says yes and asks if you never doubted that i will be able to find you from so long distance. Sita says never and reminds him of that instance she lost in forest and Ram found her. Ram says your love took me here. Sita says yes i believe you and you can find me from anywhere. Sita puts her head on shoulder of Ram and says we will be together always. Ram says yes after all struggles he was determined to find her. Suddenly he opens his eyes and realises he was dreaming.

Siya Ke Ram

Ram’s soul comes out and asks what you are dreaming. He says you should not forget that you belong from Raghukul and this name is made by our ancestors. Our ancestors did great works to do all this. He says Ram you are getting in so much of emotions and you should not forget that you are Raghukul nandan. I am saying all this to see you in confusion then he disappears. Lakshman comes to Ram and tells Vibhishan has come. He sees Kaikesi also came with him. He greets Kaikesi and calls her Mata. He says he is glad that she accepted his invitation and came here. Kaikesi says she lost all her sons in battle nad had to come as she had no other choice. She says only one son left and he is with you. She asks what he wants now. He wants to become Lankadheesh or make Vibhishan as King of Lanka.

Ram politely says he is a sanyasi and he cannot go into any territory as its against rules so he asked Vibhishan to bring you here and he says thats why you had to come here and he says sorry for that. Kaikesi becomes shocked to listen. Ram says he cannot become king of Lanka and Lakshman also does not wants to become king as we are sanyasis so Vibhishan will take over the Lanka as he is the true heir of territory. Sita talks to Sulochana after knowing that Kaikesi went to Ram to talk to him.

Sulochana asks her not to worry as Kaikesi was so angry when she attacked her and now she has handled herself and went with Rajmukut to give Ram. Vibhishan says he cannot become King as A king becomes king and he doesnot even get love of his mother. Ram asks Kaikesi to see in eyes of Vibhishan as he disobeyed his mother to walk on right path and he asks her to forgive Vibhishan.

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