Siya Ke Ram 30th August 2016 Written Episode Updates SKR Recap: Sita Goes To Kill Sahastra Ravan

Siya Ke Ram

Mandodri comes and cries seeing Ravan dead. She shouts swami. Ram and everyone becomes disturbed. Mandodri says whole world shook with his name. Everyone bowed before him and now his body is lying on ground. Indra was so scared of him and never came in battle to fight with him. He has won kaal and Yamraj too so today why he is lying in this battle field. Whole world was in his control but he never listened of her words. She always told her not to make Ram as enemy but he never focussed on those words. He made whole asurkul orphan. No one left behind to cry for him. Ram says Mandodri as a wife you are seeing body of your husband and it too painful for a wife.

Siya Ke Ram

He says he tried everytime to delay this Battle and he always tried to sort out things from peace but destiny was not right. Mandodri folds her hands and says he always followed Dharam and in this battle he did what was expected from him. She ssys she has a request as for antim sanskar she wants Ravan’s body. She will be obliged to him always. Ram says she has no personal obligation from asurkul and he always followed path of Dharam. Who voilated Dharama so he had to punish them. He says you can take his body. Kaikesi does havan and asks Sahestra Ravan to wake up. Ravan lies on wooden bed and everyone dressed in white clothes. Vibhishan does antim sanskar of Ravan.

Sulochana handles Mandodri. Vanars also present there. Kaikesi says he has to wake up to take revenge of death of Ravan. A light goes in Sheshtra ravan. Vibhishan burns body of Ravan. Vibhishan cries. Kaikesi stands up as Sahestra Ravan wakes up. He asks what is order for him and why she gave birth to him. Kaikesi ssys Ravan has died and he has to take revenge.

He says yes he will kill the one who killed Ravan. Sita worries as lightning occurs. She thinks may be something wrong is going to happen. Ram and Lakshman also comes out. SahestraRavan goes to him. Kaikesi ssys she wants destruction of Ram as he killed her son Ravan. They all sees Shaeshtra Ravan and he comes in dangerous avatar.

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