Siya Ke Ram 3rd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap SKR: Raavan Wants Sita As His Dakshina

Siya Ke Ram

Trijata says Kaikesi told Ravan not to take the battle forward but cruel Ravan has prisoned her. Sita says its his nature. There is one side Ravan who mis behaved with His mother Kaikesi and another side Ram who went to forest for respect of his mother. Sita says now Ravan is about to die. Ram always remembers his father and mother. Vibhishan tells Ravan knows Ved. Hanuman says i will accomplish the work of Ram. Ram says his support always give him more energy. He says i will bring Ravan. Kaikesi talks to Mandodri.

Siya Ke Ram

She says she made Ravan as Lankesh and for him she disrespected everybody and gave him freedom to do everything and that Ravan did not think once to prison his mother. She is Rajmata of Asurkul and he has disrespected her and its not good. Mandodri says Lankesh loves you so much but he was angry and thats why he took this decision. Kaikesi says Ravan’s ego and arrogance had crossed all limits and now nothing can happen. Hanuman goes to Lankesh and greets him. Meghnath says tie this vanar. Hanuman says he came here to praise Smart and intelligent Ravan and why he is acting rude. Meghnath says he will kill him.

Ravan stops Meghnath. Ravan asks how he changed his mind. Hanuman says jai Lankapati. Ravan stops Hanuman and says he knows that he didnot come here without any reason. Hanuman says you are great and only Lankesh can understand this. Hanuman says he doubts that if Lankesh can fulfill his demand. Lankesh becomes arrogant and says everybody is under him and he can give him anything. Hanuman says Ravan is having knowledge of Ved and he wants to do the Sharadh of Ram’s father. Ravan says impossible

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