Siya Ke Ram 4th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: New Entry Of A Little Boy As Raavan’s Son

Siya Ke Ram

Lankesh comes as priest. Lakshman looks in anger. Hanuman welcomes him. Ram folds his hands and welcomes him. Vibhishan also greets him. Ram thanks Ravan to accept his invite and its moment of proud that Ravan will do Shraddh of his father. Ravan sits and starts pooja. Ram also sits and follows. Ram do all the procedures. Pooja ends then Ravan says now its time for Gurudakshina. He asks if he will give him what he wants. Ram gives him promise. Ravan thinks this was biggest mistake of his life.

Siya Ke Ram

Ram says he wants Sita as Dakshina. Ravan asks why he is in thoughts and Ram asked him to ask anything then why he is thinking now. Lakshman gets angry and shouts. Ram says he has given promise and we can only give that thing which is close to that person and this time Sita is not with him then how can he give. He also tells him that we can only give food fruits and things in Dakshina and not a human as Dakshina. Ravan becomes shocked. Ram says he has only this pure water pot to give him ad Dakshina.

Ram requests him to take this and complete pooja. Ravan takes and goes. Kaikesi becomes sad and Mandodri and her father in law enters her room. Her father says tears of repret is now waste and he tried to tell her right way but she did not listen. She always taught Ravan what is wrong. He also says he does not respect Guru and mother now. He has so much of ego and arrogance. He is winner of three worlds and still today he is alone. Kaikesi reprets and says he is also father of Ravan and pleads before him to save Ravan.

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