Siya Ke Ram 6th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap SKR: Meghnadh Comes In Battle

Siya Ke Ram

Tarini confidently says that for which motive Ravan is sending him to war that will be completed but Ravan should also remembers his promise of making temple and consider him as son. Ravan says you dont worry. Tarini greets everyone and goes. Mandodri cries badly and shouts on Ravan that he has gone mad in his anger and revenge that he did not realize his right karma and wrong Karma he is sending innocent son in battle dont he have pity on him. Ravan says this does not matters for him as main thing is that he has to know that Ram is Lord Vishnu or not.

Siya Ke Ram

Battle starts. All devils comes. Ram and vanarsena sees them coming. Lakshman says i want to see Meghnath in battle and i will teach him a lesson. Suddenly Tarini jumps off and stands near them. He wrote Narayan on his whole body. Ram says Tarini. Vibhishan says yes he is Tarini but he is wondering how Ravan sent him here as he captivated him in crime of worshipping Narayan. They thinks there might be some other reason of Ravan of using Tarini in battle. Tarini says where is Ram he has came here to kill him.

Trijata tells about Ravan sending Tarini in battle for his purpose. Sita becomes angry and says. Tarini asks where is Ram and he will kill him. Hanuman says if you call Ram that means Narayan devotee. Tarini says he is Narayan devotee and they can see Narayan’s name on his whole body. And he always takes name of Narayan and his tongue is always under Narayan good words. Tarini says he just wants to fight with Ram and kill him as he is asked to do that only.

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