Siya Ke Ram 6th October 2016 Written Episode Udpates SKR Video: Luv Kush Fight With Laxman

Siya Ke Ram

Sita’s soul goes to Ayodhya. She sees Ram sleeping. Sita says i dont have any problem with your any decision. She thinks Ram should have believed me that i can leave my soul too and i wanted to meet you for the last time and only this decision hurted me. She thinks i should go to place of Yagya. Ram wakes up and realises Sita. He thinks Sita was here. She goes and checks who is there. She takes up cloth from idol and becomes shocked. She smiles and says Ram you will never disappoint me and today too i reside in your soul and today i am Maharani of Ayodhya and sitting here. She cries.

Siya Ke RamShe takes up her sindoor and applies it on idol. Ram also comes there. He sees idol. Ram says my life is incomplete without you Sita and nothing is left in my life. He says Site and gets up. He searches and says i know you are here so please come in front to me and i have to apologise. He says i knw you will not forgive me and i have commited sin and i have disappointed you. Sita cries. Sita’s soul comes back. She opens her eyes. Sita says i was wrong and like ocean Ram has huge heart and i thought Ram left Sita for ever but he has made golden idol and she is happy. Valmiki smiles and says Ram has left Sita for people but Sita will reside inside him forever.

Yagya starts. Saint says now this horse will go as pride of Ayodhya. Ram applies tikak on horse. He asks Lakshman to take care of horse and follow him wherever horse goes and protect him. Horse goes. Valmiki asks Luv and Kush that he is going out of the ashram for tapasaya and you both have to take the responsibilities of ashram. Luv says this is our blessing that you trusted us and chose us for this big work. Horse runs and everybody follows him. Maruti goes to Sita. He says i brought flowers for your pooja. Sita asks from where you brought these. Maruti says i flied and brought these from hill. Sita becomes shocked. Sita does pooja.

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