Siya Ke Ram 6th September 2016 Written Episode Updates SKR Online: Hanuman Says He Met Bharat

Siya Ke Ram

Lakshman asks if it is truth that Sita will not return with us. Ram says yes but there is one reason. Lakshman says no this will not happen. He cries and says you loves Sita more than anything and feel her pain more than her. He says you were tensed because of her and today when she is with him then he is saying like this. Lakshaman says its a bad dream as Ram cannot do like this. Sita says this is not misunderstanding and this is truth as you brother wants her to stay here. Mandodri asks if you doubt Sita of being pure soul. Hanuman says why you are behaving like this. Ram says what he is going to do that is according to Dharam. Surpankha comes and claps. She laughs and says she knew this and Sita has no place where she can go. She says this society is male dominant and this Ram who insulted me also male dominant. He has to made his kul proud and then how can he take his wife back to Ayodhya and what will people say that Sita stayed in Lanka and whether she is pure or not. Lakshman shouts on her. Surpankha says she doesnot have any proof that can prove she is pure. Sita says she can understand that he is not her Raghunandan.

Siya Ke Ram

He is from that kul which forgived everything and every happiness. Sita says she knows that Ram doesnot doubts her. She says she has a solution and she has also right to save kul. She says Her father used to say that Fire is most purest. She tells if fire will not burn me then this will be proved that she is pure. Ram says no and he will not let this happen. Sita says she has right to take decision. Ram says no need of that. Sita says he said that she is independent then how can he stop her from taking any decision. Sita asks Lakshman to prepare for Agni pariksha.

Lakshman says he is at fault and because of him she got in trouble. Lakshman says take my life but dont do that. Sita says she has to answer some questions. Ram thinks she didnot need to test Sita and wanted to protect Sita. Sita goes to enter fire. Ram says he never doubted her. He cries and asks her to come back. Agni devta appears. He says Sita is so pure and he cannot burn this much of purity. Ram goes to Sita and hugs her. Everyone says jai Shri ram.

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