Siya Ke Ram 7th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Star Plus: Ram Comes To Ayodhya

Siya Ke Ram

Ram tells Lakshman that this society is made up of people and people made of four types of body. One is that we have merely body that is place for a soul to reside in. Second is that our body doesnot works but mind remains active. Like Ahilya was cursed and she was waiting to be free from curse. People changes their views and opinions from time to time and think with situations. They will not see person but their works. He also tells that being a king he has to see everything as people of his territory will follow him. Ram says he never doubted Sita and he knows that she has the purest soul in the world.

Siya Ke Ram

He says society would not have accepted her as she was here in Lanka and may be they would have seen her with bad eyes and thats why he had to do so. Lakshman cries and says sorry that i shouted and doubted on your words. Ram says no its okay. Hanuman also listens them and becomes emotional. He goes there and tells that he wanted to tell them about something. Ram asks him to tell. Hanuman says when he went to take Sanjeevni booti and he was returning after taking mountain then a person stopped him and asked what are you doing and why you are taking this mountain. He thought that Hanuman will attack Ayodhya with mountain.

He introduces himself as Bharat. Hanuman says he is devotee of Ram and his brother Lakshman is injured and only this sanjeevni booti can save him. Bharat says he is also brother of Ram and how unlucky is he that he cannot help Ram and indeed he is stopping who is helping him. Hanuman sayd no. I will go now. Bharat says inform Ram that he promised if he will come late after fourteen years vanvas then Bharat will die. He tells Ram. Ram says then we should not get late and prepare to go to Ayodhya. Ram says we will leave as soon as possible. Sugriv says ok we will leave tomorrow morning. Bharat waits for Ram. Ram Lakshman and Sita gets on vayuyan.

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