Siya Ke Ram 9th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Ram Cries For Laxman

Siya Ke Ram

Ravan laughs that Vishnu came as Ram to defeat him. He asks his father to go and touch Ram’s feet. Lankesh becomes egoistic and says now this battle is in between Lankesh and Vishnu. Meghnath says he wants to say something. He asks if he can go in battle and allow him to kill Ram and Lakshman. Ravan take out sword and puts his blood on forehead of Meghnath. Mandodari cries. Trijata talks to Sita and thanks Sita that somewhere she would have done very nice things that she met Ram.

Siya Ke Ram

She asks if Ram is Narayan then what is real avatar of Sita. Lakshman makes arrows. Vibhisham comes and asks for Ram. He tells Meghnath is coming in battle today. Lakshman goes to fight with Meghnath alone and everyone gets tensed. Vibhishan asks how. Lakshman sees Meghnath and runs after him. He asks Meghnath to stop and fight with him. Meghnath becomes angry. He comes out of rath. They starts fighting. Meghnath beats Lakshman. Lakshman says how dare he to hurt them.

Vanar sena goes to find Lakshman. They shouts loudly.Lakshman holds Meghnath and presses his throat. Suddenly thunderstorm occurs. Mehnath takes a lightning and beats Lakshman. Lakshman gets hurt and falls back in mud. Hanumam flies in sky to search Lakshman. Hanuman thinks where he could be as Ram is also so tensed. He sees Lakshman fallen down in mud. Sugriv tells Ram that we doesnot know where is Lakshman. Vibhishan says Hanuman is left. Then Hanuman comes and brings Lakshman.

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