SKR Siya Ke Ram 10th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Hanuman Fights With Luv Kush

Siya Ke Ram

Ram thinks ashwamedh yagya let us to meet Sita. Lakshman fights with Luv and Kush. Lakshman thinks i wil feel happy to lose this war as these children are fighting for Sita. He thinks but i have to make horse free. They fights. Lakhman faints. Soldiers runs. Ram gets to know that two children have captured horse and Lakshman has fainted by fighting with two children . Ram asks who are they. He tells that children are saying that they are good messenger of Sita. He tells those are children which came in Ayodhya. He says children are saying that they wants to meet Ram.

Siya Ke RamRam gets angry. Maruti ties Lakshman. He says i am not feeling bad by losing as this is result of my karmas. Kush says its good that you realised your mistake and my mother says that ones who realises his mistake then their mistake becomes half. Kush says we should go back and mata will punish us. Luv asks Maruti to take care of Lakshman and we will come back. Maruti thinks please forgive me Lakshman brother as this is way through which Ram and Sita can meet. Ram says i was waiting for somebody who comes and offend King Ram and fight for Sita. But nobody did so.

Today i am so happy that sombody for first time someone challenged King Ram. I am not afraid but feeling so good and satisfied that what i didnot do these children has done. Saint asks what you thought. Ram says we have to answer them and he says Shatrughan will go and free the horse and Lakshman. Sits shouts on Luv and Kush and says you did wrong by capturing horse. Kush asks what we did. Sita says you challenged Ram and if you know the consequences. Kush says they have to say sorry to Sita. Luv says we dont know about Ram but we know that they did wrong with Sita and they cannot be forgiven.

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