SKR Siya Ke Ram 12th September 2016 Written Episode Updates: Sita’s Godh Bharai Ceremony

Siya Ke Ram

everyone chants Jai siya ram. Saint puts tilak on Ram’s forehead. Ram says he is so lucky that he got chance to rule Raghukul. Ancestors have ruled and served all of them. He says he also got this chance and he is thankful to them as they thought he will be a great king. He promises he will serve his people and says he will give his whole life to this Ayodhya. From now i am of Ayodhya. He says their sorrow will be priority than his sorrow. Hanuman, sugriv and Vibhishan comes. Vibhishan says he is so lucky to see him as king and now they has to return to their territories. Sugriv says yes he has learnt many things from him and will execute in their lives. Ram says Sugriv, he is so lucky to have Sugriv as good friend. He tells he did not realised that time will also come that he has to leave Sugriv one day.

Siya Ke Ram

Ram says everything is because of him and he won Lanka and became able to return Ayodhya. He also talks to Vibhhishan. He praises him and says he is happy that Lanka got so good king and asks him to rule with honesty and with Dharam. He wishes them. Vibhishan hugs him. Hanuman becomes sad. Sugriv asks Hanuman to come with him but Hanuman stands there. Ram and Sita looks him. Sugriv asks what happened. Hanuman says Prabhu. He goes in his feet. He say please don’t separate me from your feet as you are my teacher, father and mother and how can he live without him. He asks him to give permission to live with him as he is the base of his life and if he will not be in front of him then what will happen to him.

Ram asks Hanuman to get up. He says Hanuman you are like Bharat to me and i also cannot remain without you. He says you will stay here always with me. Sita cries. Hanuman hugs him. Everyone cries. A saint chants Om namho Bhagwate. He teaches students. He says because of you Narayan he has completed Ramayana and says he will give this to Ram. He teaches Students that after forteen years Ram and Sita came back. People talks that now Dharam raj will happen. That man gets disturbed. People says Ram is so good and he sees everyone with same eyes and he also ate ber of Shabri and also says we are blessed to have Ram as king of Ayodhya.

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