SKR Siya Ke Ram 13th September 2016 Written Episode Updates: Ram Again Gets Nightmare

Siya Ke Ram

Sita asks if everything is fine. Ram says he had nightmare. In dream he saw her in sanyansi clothes. He says he cannot bear separation again. Sita smiles. Sita says we saw each other in sanyansi clothes and thats why he is seeing this. Sita says she can again wear those clothes. Ram says no he cannot see her like this again. Ram asks her to wait. He brings sindoor and applies on head of Sita. Sita feels good. Sita hugs him. Sumitra asks whom you are searching. Hanuman says Ram. He says he cannot see him now and before he remains with him. Kaikeyi says he is not vanvasi but king of Ayodhya. Hanuman says he is your son and you will be knowing that what he likes. Kaikeyi says Sita knows Ram very well.

Siya Ke Ram

Hanuman goes to Sita. He greets her. Hanuman says he wanted to know what is favourite of Ram. Sita says Ram does not likes more and less. He loves everything with same feelings. Hanuman says there will be something then. He asks about what you applies on your forehead. He says this is sindoor and he becomes happy to see sindoor. Hanuman gets an idea. A saint comes and praises Ram that he has settled Dharam and asks about Sita. Sita comes and saint sees her in sanyasi clothes. He thinks what destruction is about to come. He greets her and goes. Everyone becomes shocked. Sita says why he went like this. Ram also thinks something. Ram asks Sumantra that he wants to know all sorrows of people of territory. He says if someone is not agreed with his opinions then that person can tell him.

Lakshman says how is this possible and how can one object you. Ram says this is not good and this is important for him and they can tell what is good and what is bad so he wants to listen everything. Hanuman comes. Everyone becomes shocked to see him. He applied sindoor on all his body. Ram asks what is this. Hanuman says if you like sindoor in Sita’s forehead then he will really like sindoor on him. Everyone laughs at him. He goes. Hanuman thinks whatever happened. Sita and Ram goes to him. Ram asks if you are fine and he is guilty if he felt bad. Sita says you have done bhakti of Ram through Sindoor then whosoever will do abhishek of Hanuman with sindoor that person will be so good an will be blessed by us.

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