SKR Siya Ke Ram 14th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Urmila & Manvi Meets Sita

Siya Ke Ram

In the last episode of Siya Kai Ram, we had seen that Luv and Kush are taking a vow that Ram is not their father after today. Sita comes to them and says that what they are going to do. She scolds them both and says that you can’t say anything for him. She says that he is your father and she will be. Luv and Kush look on at this and goes to talk to Hanuman.

Siya Ke RamIn the palace, Ram is talking to Vashisht and says that he had decided that he will bring Sita back in the palace. Vashisht asks him to think for once and to ask about the same to Praja. Ram agrees and says that we will discuss this to Praja as well. Ram looks on at this. Sita’s sisters come to Ram and apologize. They say that they had mistaken and taken him wrong too.

Ram tells them that he is now going to take Sita back in the palace. Sita’s sisters get happy and say that did they go to talk to Sita once. Luv and Kush are with Hanuman and ask him that why did Sita scold them. Hanuman says to them that Sita Mata had faced many problems and he will tell them about their father. Luv and Kush look on at Hanuman.

In the palace, Praja gets happy to hear Ram’s decision. Then two rishi come there and says to Ram that if he will get Sita here then Praja will question more and Sita also questions on his decision. Ram thinks on and then says that he will get back Sita here. Hanuman tells Luv and Kush about Ram and says that he is the man who is a symbol of love and a great son to everyone. In today’s episode we are going to see Ram aimed to get Sita  and Sita says that I will not go back in the past now. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Siya Kai Ram like this.

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