SKR Siya Ke Ram 14th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Hanuman Meets Mata Anjani

Janak says that we wants to take Sita and other sister with her. Sita comes to him and says you should stay happy. Janak says you never went far from Mithila. Sita becomes happy. Janak says Mithla waited for you all and when you will come with us then Mihthila will relived. Janak asks what happened Sita . Why are you sad and dnt you want to come with them. Sita says Ram loves her so much and he cannot live Without her So she cannot go to Mithila. Janak says this is her true love and so he will not force her to come with them to Mithila.

Siya Ke RamHe says but Mithila will always wait for her. Sita touches his feet and apologises. Janak goes to Ram and says he is so lucky to have him as son in law. Ram says Raghukul is lucky to have her daughters. He says greet everyone from his side. Janak and daughters becomes ready to go with them.Servants asks a lady to keep these clothes safely. She falls. He asks her to do work properly. She asks these clothes are of Sita. He says yes. She says these are so pure like Sita. He gets angry on her. Lady says if he does not likes her then she will go to her mayaka. Man says if you will go then no need to come back

Ram asks Sita why ypu changed your decision of going tp Mithila. Sita says you know this better. Ram says because i love you so much and that love stopped you. Hanuman gets sad and she asks why you are sad . He says he is missing her mother as she also used to feed him motichpor laddoo but now i have given whole life to Ram and now Ram is his everything. Ram comes and says you are missing Mata Anjani and you should go and meet her. He says i will go and ask Sita. Hanuman goes to Sita and says Ram also asked him to ho to Mata anjani. He says please stop me maata as he wants to stay here. Sita says if Ram has given you orders then how can i stop you. Hanuman says but i am scared.

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