{SKR} Siya Ke Ram 16th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Ram And Laxman Faint By Smoke

Siya Ke Ram

Episode starts with Lakshman becoming angry and tells he has killed Meghnath and now he will not give his head to anyone till he will also kill Ravan. Ram says fine but he should not become so much angry. He says he cannot calm down. Ram tells him that anger will lead to so many problems. Sulochana sits at window and cries. Mandodri asks what happened Sulochana why you are scared and Crying. She says she is not feeling good. Mandodri asks where is Meghnath. She tells he went to do tapasayas and she stopped him and tried everything to make him not to go but he went. She says ok.

Siya Ke Ram

Then scene changes and Mandodri and Sulochana cries over body of Meghnath. Sulochana asks Meghnath to get up and cries alot. She says she asked Meghnath not to go and still he went. She says he promised her that she is his everything and now he cannot leave her alone. She asks him to get up. Sulochana asks her to calm down. Ravan comes and touches body of Meghnath. Sulochana shouts that he should not touch his husband and because of him she has to face this world. He insulted Meghnath and thats why he went for tapasaya. Ravan always seen Meghnath as Warrior and not considered him as son. Tarini and Ashok were also warriors for him and he used them as weapons. Now all are dead. His relatives are dead.

Ravan says he was his son and asks Mandodri to handle Sulochana as she has gone mad. Ravan says prepare for battle and he will go and take out heads of Ram and Lakshman. Sulochana saya you should not go anywhere and she will go. Mandodri asks where are you going. She says i am going to take my husband’s head and perform his antim sanskar. She goes to Lakshman and Lakshman asks who are you. She says i wife of Meghnath and wants his head. Lakshman says he respects her but he cannot give her the head as he will give only after Ravan will be dead.

Mandodri says he did wrong but after dead he has no issues with his life and its her responsibility to male sure that his last ritual is taking place properly. Lakshman says no. Mandodri goes. Trijata comes and gives Lakshman letter of Sita. Sita wrote that she knows Lakshman is angry but Sulochana is really nice lady and she also tried to take her out of Lanka and rescued her time tl time. Then Lakshman gives Sulochana head of Meghnath.

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