SKR Siya Ke Ram 17th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Ram Have Seen Bad Dream

Siya Ke Ram

In the last episode of Sia Kai Ram, we had seen that Sita is sitting sadly and managing the flowers. Then Luv and Kush comes to her and apologises to her. Sita is in anger and asks them to leave. Hanuman is watching all this from distance. Luv and Kush then say to Sita that if she is not forgiving them then they are going to leave the village. Sita stops them both and hugs them. Hanuman thinks that I have to go to Shri Ram and tells him about this.

Siya Ke RamLaxman then meets Mandvi, Urmila and Shurukriti in the palace and ask them that where they three are going. They say that they are going to meet her sister. Bharat asks them that is not the right time to go to Sita and to tell her anything. Ram come from behind and says that we can’t stop them as they are dying to meet their sister. He then says that they all have to wait for this moment since long and let them go this time.

Then Ram calls the Praja and the minister. He announces that from today I announces that no lady will have to give her test of purity. He says that I want to make my mistake right today and will get my Sita in the palace back. The Praja then cheers for Ram and says that we all want to see in the palace. Ram smiles at this. Hanuman gets happy too. Sita is in her Vatika and thinks about her sisters. She then gets glad to see them and hugs them .

In the hut, Sita asks them to have food but her sister tells her that Ram is going to come here tomorrow and will take to you the palace. Sita gets sad and says that I can’t do this now. She says that this time, I will not go with anyone. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Ram saw a bad dream and say that Sita is going far away from me. Then Guru Vashist tells Ram that this is not the right time to get Sita back. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Siya Kai Ram like this.

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