SKR Siya Ke Ram 19th October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Ram Asks Sita To Punish Him

Siya Ke Ram

In the last episode of Siya Ke Ram, we had seen that Ram come to the Vatika and saint welcome him. He says that they get blessed to see Ram there. Ram ask for Valmiki and saint says that he had gone for some work. Ram then gets inside the Vatika and see Luv and Kush hiding behind a tree. Hanuman says to Ram that he will get Luv and Kush. Ram stops him and says that I will go and meet them.

Siya Ke RamShuruthkirti, Mandavi, and Urmila goes to Sita and says that Ram had come to take you from here and today the day come when you both gets meet again. Sita gets worried and says that it means a lot when a husband gets away from is wife. She says that she will not go back. Urmila, Mandavi Shuruthkriti gets shocked at this. Ram calls for Luv and Kush and sees them hiding. He then goes to their front and tells that he had come to take them all.

Luv and Kush say that they don’t want to talk to him as he doesn’t even try to know about them in this 12 years. Ram cries and says that he is guilty of his deeds and now come to take them all. He says that I was stuck between the circumstances and because of that he takes such steps. Luv and Kush hug him and Ram takes them to Kaushalaya, Kaikayi, and Sumitra. They get happy to see them both and hugs them.

Ram then thinks about Sita and goes to her Vatika. Sita feels Ram’s presence and cries. Then the gate gets open by air and Ram sees Sita standing at the door. They both cried and Ram starts telling her feeling to Sita. He apologises to Sita and keeps on crying. In today’s episode, we are going to see that Sita tells Ram, that they will not get unite in this life again. Luv and Kush come there and tells Sita that if she will not agree then they both will leave them. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Siya Ke Ram like this.

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