SKR Siya Ke Ram 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Updates: First Look Of Luv Kush

Siya Ke Ram

Ram talks to Janak and says he cannot give any answer to him. Janak says I did not come here to ask any question. This world calls me Rajrishi and the world think I know everything but today I came here to gain some knowledge. Ram says what are you saying. He says its truth and he wants to know how he got so much patience and so strict to Dharam. He says saints do tapasaya for years but how he get this feeling.

siya-ram-serialHe says I am Rajrishi but still have a love for Family and daughters but you left your loving Sita for Dharam. He says if he would be in place of Ram then he could not take this step. He says this decision can only be taken by the lord and he is equal to Lord. He also says Ram will be worshipped for years. Ram says no I am not good as I left my Sita whom I loved.

Ram cries and says he has filled himself and his wife with sorrows. He says you are so great as you are still here with that person who gave sorrows to his daughter. Sita talks to Child who is Hanuman. Maruti asks Sita to eat fruits. Sita says these are so many fruits. Sita asks Maruti to go play with your friends. Sita imagines Ram.

Ram says why are you not eating fruits. He feeds Sita. Sita says she had prepared something for their children. Ram disappears. Sita cries. Urmila and other sister cry. Janak says don’t cry as every person in this world has the motive to follow Dharam and Ram obeyed his Dharam. In same way, Sita is also obeying her Dharam. He asks them to also do the same.

Kaushalya says Sita will be her daughter in law always. She asks him to forgive her. Janak says why are you feeling guilty and we have to accept this truth. Kaushalya says Sita got so many sorrows after coming to Ayodhya. Lakshman tells he left Sita near Valmiki Ashram.

Maruti eats banana and children asks how you eat so many bananas. He says this is nothing but he ate so many bananas in Lanka and Mata Sita used to feed me. Sita asks you were in Lanka. Valmiki comes and says he is talking about Hanuman. Janak comes to Ashram. He goes in the room. He asks for Sita but nobody was there.

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