SKR Siya Ke Ram 26th September 2016 Written Episode Updates: Lav Khush Fight With Hawk

Janak goes to Ashram.  He says I want you to come with me to Mithila as everyone is waiting for you and your mother is crying. Sita says sorry I cannot come. Janak says why and you are Janak Nandini and you should come with us. Sita says I am here and performing my duties towards Ayodhya. I have to give heir of Ayodhya and once I will give the child to Ram then I will leave this world. Janak says why. She says I remember your words that I have to give agnipariksha and I am giving it by staying here.

siya-ke-ramEveryone plays in Ashram and suddenly Sita cries with pain. Hanuman asks what happened mata. She shouts. Every woman come. They take Sita inside. Sita cries badly. After some time.A woman comes and says there is a good news that Sita delivered the baby safely and everything is fine.

She says most wonderful thing is that she gave birth to twins. Hanuman becomes happy and says now my lord has become a father. Sita keeps the child in a swing. Babies start walking. The whole ashram fills with joy and happiness. Sita starts her children. Hanuman gives a ride to children. Sita does pooja.

A lady says Luv and Kush are not in the ashram. Sita says Luv kush went to the forest to bring unique flowers and they will come to an ashram indefinite time. Luv Kush are seen. Kush says I will touch mother’s  feet first. He says no. They say I will reach first. Luv says lets race. They both starts running through hills and plains.

Hanuman and Sita see Luv and Kush running towards home.  Sita smiles. Luv and Kush comes and touches feet of Sita at the same time. They get up. Kush says I touched first. Luv says no. Hanuman says mother will tell who touched feet first. Kush asks what is the answer.

Sita says no one came first. Luv and Kush both are at same place. Valmiki asks where are flowers. Kush says yes we brought all flowers and take this. Valmiki says it’s time for Aarti and let’s go. Luv and Kush go to the hill and sees a bird flying there.

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