SKR Siya Ke Ram 30th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Luv Kush Asks Ram About Sita

Siya Ke Ram

Ram says i met a child who was so good. He says i am so unlucky that he doesnot even know he is father of a boy or a girl. He says i felt by seeing those boy that my child will be of same age. Hanuman thinks i have to make them meet. Valmiki says Sita you have to tell truth to Luv and Kush. Sita says i dont want them to hate their father. Ram says i know that you know about my child and you can tell everything about my child but you should not tell. He says i am lucky to have you as you are taking care of my children.Hanuman says i am lucky that you chose me to do these works. Hanumam cries and says i think that i am not able to do those work. He says i want to do something and i want your permission.

Siya Ke RamRam says i cannot deny you but take care of Raghukul. Valmiki says i know what i have to do and every work has a good time. He says he thinks time has come for this. Sita says may be time came when Luv and Kush should meet Ram. She cries. She says yes her time on this world has also became less. Luv and Kush listens to Ramayan. Valmiki tells about Sita and Ram. Kush asks why Ram allowed Sita to do agnipariksha. Valmiki says everything has a reason and he was a king also. Valmili says he was bound to rules of Ayodhya and Rajdharam is priority of Raghukul. Kush says Ram has become great because of Sita and Sita has given an awesome example. Kush says it should be called Sitayan rather than Ramayan.

Maruti comes and asks if your Ramayan finished. Kush says if mother will allow us to meet Ram. Maruti says i have a way. Maruti says Kush and Luv were studying Ramayan. Sita says i cannot let you go as you both are so small. Kush says after reading Ramayan it is our wish that we will meet. Maruti says this is a good way and they will get blessing of Ram and then they will not come in trouble. Sita says i have to talk to Valmiki. She goes to Valmiki and says she is not feeling good. Valmiki says you are upset. He asks Sita to accept what is happening. Sita says fine as you wish. Kush and Luv becomes ready to go and tell everybody about Ramayan.

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