SKR Siya Ke Ram 31st August 2016 Written Updates Live Episode: Kaikesi Hits Sita With Sword

Siya Ke Ram

Vibhishan tells he is Shahestra ravan and big son of Kaikesi. Kaikesi knew that he will be so huge but her soul was protected and now Kaikesi with help of father she has reborn him. Vibhishan says we have to kill him otherwise he will kill whole world. Ram says we together can kill him. He asks Hanuman to attack him with whole vanarsena. Hanuman asks everyone to come. Ram asks Lakshman to attack from east and Hanuman from sky. Everyone goes. Ram also goes. Sugriv takes vanars and says he should not go alive from here and we will kill him. They runs towards him but Shahestraravan shakes ground and they all falls. He laughs loudly.

Siya Ke Ram

Parvati says she is tensed as Shahestraravan is so powerfula and how will Ram kill him. Ram and Lakshaman throws arrows and he throws fire from his mouth. Lakshman gets injured. He Lies on ground. Ram runs. Hanuman attacks from sky. He flies around him and distracts him. Ram attacks but he doesnot gets injured. Ram thinks only one thing left to kill him. He throws some special arrow and he starts burning but soon he extinguishes it and attacks Ram but Hanuman gets in front of him and falls on ground. Ram also gets injured and faints. Parvati asks Shiv to stop him as he will destroy everything. Shiv says no he cannot stop him. She asks if there is someone else who can stop him. Kaikesi comes to Sita and says everyone is killed and Ram is killed. Sita becomes shocked. Sita saya impossible.

Kaikesi laughs and says nothing is impossible. Ravan was killed by Ram and Ram can also be killed. She says her to see in battlefield how Ram is lying dead. Sita cries and runs. Kaikesi says you are responsible for all that. Sita goes in battle field and sees Ram lying on sand. Shahestraravan laughs. Sita shouts no. Sita becomes bhadrakali and.comes in battlefield. Bhadrakali attacks him but she saves herself. She kills him. Parvati says Sita is so angry and how will we stop her. Shiv says only Ram can make her calm down. Ram gets up and thinks who killed that devil. Sita goes. Kaikesi cries and says Ravan died and Shahestraravan also died. Asurkul has destroyed.

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