SKR Siya Ke Ram 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Luv Kush Leaves Raj Bhawan

Siya Ke Ram

A man comes and asks Luv and Kush to come as Kaushalya has invited them to rajmahal. That man which blamed Sita regrets after listening to Story. He says i have done crime to blame her as she is pure as ganga. Sita prays to protect my sons. Luv and Kush starts telling story in rajmahal. Everyone listens to them. They tells about Sita’s struggle and Hanuman reaching to Sita. They tells how Hanuman burnt Lanka of gold. Battle between Ram and Ravan. They tells about Agnipariksha of Sita. Ram becomes emotional. Ram returns Ayodhya. They says we want to meet mother Sita. Everyone gets shocked.

Siya Ke RamKush says we will meet Sita if she is present here. Everyone remains quiet. Ram stands up and goes. He goes in room and sees idol of Sita. He says what should i say to those children and how will i say that i left you. Urmila talks to children. She asks who told you all this. Kush says Valmiki told us everything and he has written book on Ram and Sita. Kush asks why Ram left Rajyasabha. He asks where is Sita and why not anybody is not telling us. She says Sita was also like you and she asked many questions. Kush says our mother is also like Sita thats why we want to meet her. Urmila says you must be tired lets do rest.

Luv asks can we see the Rajbhawan. She says ofcourse. Ram says these children made me realise that our children will be definitely asking these question and you dont have any answers. Shutkirti talks to Luv and Kush. Luv asks where is mata Sita. Kaushalya tells Luv and Kush that Sita is so great but she doesnot live in Raj bhawan. Kush asks why so. She tells that king Ram cannot accept her as Maharani of this Raghukul. They gets shocked. He says but what is this and she gave up her all comfort for Ram. She tells that she lived in Lanka and thats why people of Ayodhya will not accept her and Ram left Sita. They both gets shocked.

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